Exquisite silver DB5 scale replica

Published: 5/1/2016

Celebrating the timeless design of the Aston Martin DB5, Grant Macdonald silversmiths have crafted an exclusive model of the world’s most iconic car.

This precise 1:30 scale model of Aston Martin’s 1963 sportscar, is a limited edition of 100 pieces. Handcrafted in London in hallmarked sterling silver and presented on a wood and glass plinth, Grant Macdonald silversmiths spend 50 hours crafting this perfect replica of the DB5. Each model takes the skill of eleven London craftsmen to produce, from expert casters to polishers.

The final piece honours the world class design of the British sportscar manufacturer and carries the official Aston Martin collection hallmark as a final stamp of approval.

The models are fitted with their own sterling silver plaque, which are individually engraved with the edition number and the Aston Martin logo. A signed certificate of authenticity accompanies each model and particular edition numbers can be requested. Each car is presented in a sleek black and grey case, which is handmade by master boxmakers in England.

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